Our high-end production.

Our production is located in Haapsalu Estonia, 1h drive from Tallinn. As well as our engineers and designers,
our production personnel is also highly motivated and committed to serve customer with our best
knowledge and skill.

We do it all. From engineering and design to end product.

We do it all: From engineering and design to end product.

We produce our products with pride and perfection.
We care for every detail to make the products meet our customers’ expectations.

With our skilled workforce and wide range of machinery, were able to produce a large range of different custom made products. At the moment we´re producing over 5.000 different  custom made products for our customers and each year the range of custom made products is growing.

Quality is a high priority and quality check before shipping is a standard process for us. With our equipment we´re also able to do more advanced quality check and testing procedures. Please contact our Sales Team

Our way of flow.

The smooth running of a customer's project is a matter of heart for us. We have developed our process based on years of experience. From the first meeting to the production, the goal is to help our customers reach their true potential.

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For us, smooth engineering process is the creative application of planning, construction, materials and documentation. That guarantees that our solutions answer to customer’s special needs.

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Our dedicated design teams help customers to carry out bright ideas into high quality products. Functionality is always the top priority in our work.

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We are Navix.

We started in the early 80’s focusing on boat electronics. Over the years our business evolved to complete design, engineering and production service.

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