Our way of flow.

The smooth running of a customer's project is a matter of heart for us. We have developed our process based on years of experience. From the first meeting to the production, the goal is to help our customers reach their true potential.

Boat and machinery systems are becoming more complex and the quality requirements are increasing. Therefore, one of the most critical aspects in engineering is documentation. We can say without exaggeration that our documentation is the best in the world. Advanced 3D modeling simplifies the process and makes work easier for different parties. Challenge us. Let's see how your goal can be best achieved!

Competitive advantage from a smooth process

Why is Navix so easy to work with? First of all, we design the boat’s electricity even before the boat is ready. Our 3D modeling provides a transparent overall plan that is easy to change and mode during the process.

We do things differently

Usually cable harness manufacturer doesn’t design products, but focuses only on production. Navix works differently. We design all our cable harnesses, shore power products, panels and consoles. It means that our customers get everything from the same shop.

The world’s best electrical documentation

Our documentation process is also exceptional. We offer our customers a 3D model of the entire boat electrical system. Therefore, the boat manufacturer is not tied to one partner, but can build the boat elsewhere according to our model.

The Navix flow simplified.


  • Project defination
  • Goals, visual, financial
  • The scale and quality of documentation
  • Naming of project managers


  • Navix design team analyzes the material
  • from the start meeting
  • Additional questions
  • Sourcing for material
  • Client receives project schedule and price estimation

Design process

  • Navix designers get to work
  • No more data from client
  • Material acquiring
  • Industrial optimization
  • Documentation to client for approval


  • Delivery of prototype
  • Prototype evaluation by the client
  • All possible modifications made to Navix documentation


  • Navix design team updates the documentation
  • Client approves the final drawings
  • Revision 2 is the mass production version
  • Client receives documents for certification and production support


  • Annual updates, possible facelifts all compiled for annual meeting
  • Modifications during mass production phase are extra work and charged from the client accordingly


For us, smooth engineering process is the creative application of planning, construction, materials and documentation. That guarantees that our solutions answer to customer’s special needs.

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Our dedicated design teams help customers to carry out bright ideas into high quality products. Functionality is always the top priority in our work.

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Our production is located in Haapsalu Estonia. AS well as our engineers and designers, our production personnel is also highly motivated and committed to serve customers with our best knowledge and skill.

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Navix design and manufactires electrical systems to OEM manufacturers. The product range include cable harnesses, switch and fuse panels and other electrical applications. We also manufacture a variety of plastic products.

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We are Navix.

We started in the early 80’s focusing on boat electronics. Over the years our business evolved to complete design, engineering and production service.

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