When design needs to work.

Our dedicated design teams help customers to carry out bright ideas into high quality products. Functionality is always the top priority in our work.

Design & Prototyping.

We provide customers with individual ideas and designs, honoring the true DNA of our customers brand. Renderings and prototyping helps us to achieve our common goal.

Industrial Design.

Our design team helps our customers to carry out ideas into high quality products, where functionality is of high priority.


Interior & Console design.

Many projects have won awards and prizes with Navix designed interiors and consoles. We are very proud to be part of our customers product development process.

Our way of flow.

The smooth running of a customer's project is a matter of heart for us. We have developed our process based on years of experience. From the first meeting to the production, the goal is to help our customers reach their true potential.

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For us, smooth engineering process is the creative application of planning, construction, materials and documentation. That guarantees that our solutions answer to customer’s special needs.

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Our production is located in Haapsalu Estonia. AS well as our engineers and designers, our production personnel is also highly motivated and committed to serve customers with our best knowledge and skill.

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We are Navix.

We started in the early 80’s focusing on boat electronics. Over the years our business evolved to complete design, engineering and production service.

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