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Navix design and manufactires electrical systems to OEM manufacturers. The product range include cable harnesses, switch and fuse panels and other electrical applications. We also manufacture a variety of plastic products.


Navix office is located in Paimio, Western part of Finland, alongside highway E18, approximately 25 kilometers from Turku and 140 kilometers from Helsinki.

Navix production facility is located in Haapsalu Estonia, about 1h drive from Tallinn.

Sähkömiehentie 2
Tel. +358 2 4808 0700

Tööstuse 9
90506 Läänemaa

Miika Forsberg
Sales Director+358 400 623 236
Markus Leskinen
Account Manager+358 400 110 380
Thomas Sjöstrand
Account Manager+ 358 40 455 7525
Tuomo Tingander
Account Manager+358 40 458 9178
Peter Engblom
CEO+358 40 587 8009

Our way of flow.

The smooth running of a customer's project is a matter of heart for us. We have developed our process based on years of experience. From the first meeting to the production, the goal is to help our customers reach their true potential.

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For us, smooth engineering process is the creative application of planning, construction, materials and documentation. That guarantees that our solutions answer to customer’s special needs.

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Our dedicated design teams help customers to carry out bright ideas into high quality products. Functionality is always the top priority in our work.

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Our production is located in Haapsalu Estonia. AS well as our engineers and designers, our production personnel is also highly motivated and committed to serve customers with our best knowledge and skill.

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We are Navix.

We started in the early 80’s focusing on boat electronics. Over the years our business evolved to complete design, engineering and production service.

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